Cannabis 101

Is Cannabis new to you? Here is some information to get you started!

  • The cannabis plant has psychoactive properties and produces dried flowers, fruiting tops or leaves of the sativa or Indica plants (or a hybrid of the two).

  • THC is just one of the compounds in cannabis that is responsible for how your body and brain react to cannabis. This is the chemical that provides users with the feeling of being “high”. THC is often shown as percentage by weight to indicate the concentration or potency of the cannabis strain. If you are new to cannabis, it may be best to start with a product that has a lower potency and slowly work up from there.

  • CBD is another chemical compound found in cannabis and does not affect users the same way THC does and may in fact block or lower the effects of THC. CBD is being studied for its other effects.

  • Cannabis can be used in various ways, the most common being smoked as a joint. Cannabis can also be enjoyed by smoking it through a variety of pipes, vaped through concentrated cartridges, ingested through the use of capsules and edibles, and more!

Cannabis can be legally purchased in the following forms:

  • Dried flower

  • Milled flower

  • Pre-rolls

  • Seeds

  • Oils/Sprays

  • Vape cartridges

    510 carts

    Pax Era pods

  • Vape kits (510 cart + battery)

  • Disposable vape pens (throw it away after it's out!)

  • Edibles

    Soft chews (gummies)

    Hard candy (like mints)



  • Beverages

    Mixable powders & oils

    Tea bags

    Ready-to-drink beverages

  • Capsules/Soft gels

  • Bath & body products

  • Concentrates

Adults in Alberta are legally allowed to have up to 30 grams of legally produced cannabis (dried or the same volume in other forms)

In Alberta, Cannabis may only be purchased legally to grow or can be bought from licensed cannabis retailers or